Charging and storage

Charge, store, secure and transport up to 40 Chromebooks at a more affordable price.

Chromebook charging stations and trolleys, charge and secure your devices seamlessly within the framework of your workflow. Chromebook charger stations and trolleys are ultra-secure and provide consistent charging.

With a lifetime warranty, many of our Chromebook charging trolleys and stations can protect the devices you have today and the devices you will have in the future. With a wide selection of highly-durable metal body charging trolleys and stations, charging, storing and securing almost any size of Chromebook is possible.

Built for Education

Secure. Keep your valuable device investments safe. The combination of welded steel construction, the mounting-kit, and a hardened steel padlock protect your devices while they’re not in use.

Take back time and space. Takes up minimal space and includes our unique, time-saving Baskets.

More space, less worry. Leaves a tiny footprint, plus lights show the charging status of each device.

Big idea, big potential. BYOD, loaner programs, device check-outs… The use cases for FUYL are endless.

Save time, money & space. Top-loading, space-saving and budget-friendly trolleys with distribution baskets.

Save Time, Save Money

With baskets, Chromebooks can be distributed in a fraction of the time, saving up to 70 hours of instructional time each school year per 30-unit trolley. These aren’t your typical picnic baskets. Slotted device baskets make Chromebook deployments faster, safer and more efficient, putting valuable time back into your day. They are designed to accommodate Chromebooks up to 13”.

How we can help

As a LocknCharge Partner we can help you find the right charging and storage unit for your schools requirement. We can deliver your Chromebooks fully installed in charging trolleys. Our support team can install all of our charging stations and lockers if charging trolleys do not fit your requirement.

If you already have Chromebooks, let us know the size of the devices and we can make a recommendation for you.

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