Learn how to use Google tools to their full potential

We are Google’s only Professional Development Partner in Ireland. Our proven-to-succeed, process-driven training delivers long term results. The Google training is a scaffolded year-long journey with clear targets, milestones and reviews.

Your personalised, mobile-ready portal is complemented by targeted training, webinars, year-round access to an assigned mentor and more. You will be fully supported, all year long, so you can focus on teaching, learning and enjoying your Google Journey.

Unique training

As Google’s only professional development partner in Ireland, our unique training model is the most effective, and cost-effective, training available.

Key benefits include:

1. Unique: Our unique training model for your Google journey is the only training available that has been proven to succeed with long term results in schools. Your staff can learn as a whole-staff group, learn in small groups, learn ‘on-the-go’ – we cater for all your staff’s needs.

2. Empowering: We will empower the leadership team at your school through regular training events during the year without putting any pressure on busy or inflexible timetables. Stay in touch with selected other schools via your private forum and grow together.

3. Scaffolded: Personalised Teacher dashboards give teachers 24/7 access to scaffolded training materials to support them in between training events; at home, on the bus, in the staffroom

Training that works

Successful training needs to be ‘process-based’; part of a learning journey with milestones and ongoing support. Research shows that once-off ‘event-based’ training does not work, with up to 70% of the learning being forgotten within 24 hours, and up to 90% within the week. Just Google ‘why does training fail?’ for more on this.

1. Whole-staff training:

start with an initial training for the whole-staff; including week-long access to a Q&A document – many important questions come to mind after an event!

2. Personal training portals (accessed with your G Suite login):

staff will have access to training materials to backup everything they learned at the training to keep the learning alive; they can access this at any time, for a quick two minute refresher video or a deep dive

3. After the initial training:

staff will use the training portals to continue to work toward their first milestone; they will complete simple training activities, take refresher quizzes and record progress throughout the initial knowledge-retention and skills-development period

4. Keeping progress clear:

Leadership can clearly monitor staff progress using the management tool on the Admin portal

5. Ongoing growth:

Each term, staff will progress to new focus content and continue their mastery of the basics (and beyond the basics) of Google’s suite of apps; you and your staff will never be left behind on software updates; Admin and security changes; maximising use of existing software

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